Thursday, June 10, 2010


Now and then I venture out of the Not-So-Big-Woods. A few days ago, I visited "The Shops at Legacy." According to their website, it's an "urban lifestyle center." This means that it's a small planned shopping/eating neighborhood with a few apartment buildings. Very trendy, happily pretentious, but with a nice movie theatre showing independent films plonked down in the big middle of it. In spite of missing the exit from the Tollway (twice!) I got there too early for my movie, so I strolled around the shopping area.

Just outside the Taco Diner is this fountain. A trio of sparkly young women stood there, looking down into the moat at the base. As I passed by them, I heard snatches of their conversation. "...soaking wet...don't think he can get out...going to drown..."


I doubled back and joined them, glancing down into the fountain. A really miserable grackle was trapped in the narrow space, soaking wet, just holding his head above the water.  "Can you help him?"

I felt terribly sorry for the bird, but amused at the sparkly girls, too. Saving the bird meant that I had to reach down about 6 inches and scoop him out. Very difficult rescue operation, you know.

I lifted him, dripping and pitiful, and installed him under a nearby shrub. The sparkly girls were effusive with thanks and praise. "You're our hero!"

And one called the newspapers.


  1. Phew! Thank goodness you happened to be there at the right time Joy. It's nice that the group of women were concerned and appreciative of your actions but I think you 'sparkle' much more than them since, unlike them, you weren't bothered about getting a bit wet. I'm glad the story had a happy outcome ..... there SHOULD be some kind of newspaper for good events like this. :D

  2. Thanks, Lesley. To be fair to the sparkly girls, they weren't worried about getting wet, but about getting pecked.

  3. Okay, I'll let them off then. :D

  4. Pecked, schmecked...the sparkly girls are LAME! You rock! Thanks for saving our feathered friend!

  5. Hi Joy, great way to lead by example. I'm betting that each of those girls will remember what you did, and if presented with another wildlife-if-distress situation, may find their inner-hero.