Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Bye Goldfinches! See You Next Year!

Most of the goldfinches seem to be gone. There are still a couple of thistle-scarfing hangers-on, but the swarm appears to have moved north. The last time I saw the full flock was last Sunday during the snow. As other local bloggers mentioned, just about the time they got really showy-looking, they left.

It's as though, having spent the winter with us in their olive drab, they were a little embarrassed to be seen in sparkling lemon-gold plumage.


  1. I hear you, Joy. Right when I think I can get some photos of their fresh breeding best, they vanish. Argh!

  2. Hi Joy,
    I still have one or two coming by, but I know I've probably seen my last for the season. A couple of years ago I was very surprised to see a pair of goldfinches in bright yellow - it was late April, 2008. So, keep your eye never know! (I have pics posted if you want to take a look -

  3. What a pity! In Ohio we have them year round - not that Texans have anything to be jealous of Ohio about, birdwise, with all your showy buntings and flycatchers and whatnot.

  4. Ha, yes, I have the same phenomenon here. They're gone just when they start to change colors. This year was their shortest visit on record. But I've seen an occasional one passing through in the last couple of weeks and they are bright yellow!