Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Our three dogs keep us updated on important happenings outside. Hot-air balloons flying over OUR house, woodpeckers munching on OUR birdseed, maurading armadillos digging up OUR grubs...It's a wonder those poor puppies ever get any sleep.

Co-Sheriffs Meg (left) and Tessa (right)
Deputy Finn

A few days ago a weather system brought in some high winds. I noticed the dogs were barking a lot, while looking straight up. I investigated, and found a weatherbeaten taurpalin was stuck high in a pecan tree near the porch. "Not much we can do about that, deputies. Carry on." A few days later, I noticed it on the ground, apparently blown out of the tree. Yesterday, when I went to grab it and throw it away, it was gone again.

Back to this morning. All three dogs were hysterical, bouncing on the deck, looking up, then at me, as if I needed to DO SOMETHING. The culprit?

I guess the squirrel dragged the lightweight tarp back up into the tree yesterday, and was busily working at taking it apart,  pulling it into little fibrous shreds. It would then haul a big mouthful of tarp fluff into the crotch of the next tree, where it disappeared. Moments later, it was back for another load.

I guess I'm glad that my procrastination gave the squirrel (and future little squirrels) a nice fluffy nest. AND I'm happy to know where the nest is located. I'll be waiting impatiently for little ones to appear.

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