Sunday, September 30, 2018

Poop. Poop. Poop.

There are so many caterpillars in the trees, munching on leaves, that I can hear their poo hitting the ground. I might not have noticed the faint noise, but several tiny pellets had landed in a puddle in the gravel driveway, and swelled up to an easily visible size. I picked one up, then realized what it was. Interesting, but...eww.

Other sightings on a walk around the property:

A few big white mushrooms, loving all the rain we've had, growing in a pile of decaying hay. 
Just about the size of the palm of my hand
I managed to spot a coyote (no time for a picture) on the west bank of the creek. I think we made eye contact: I was probably happier than the coyote about that.

Every step I took through the meadow stirred up a dozen or so greyish moths. I wonder if these are from the army worm invasion that was causing everyone with a lawn to lose their minds last week.

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